Why HemE ?
HemE is the result of its founder’s vision for a product life cycle management that integrates not only technical domains linked to information management along with their analysis in terms of performance and life cycle cost, but also organisational matters, profitability objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility. Based on his own experience, HEME has progressively evolved towards this perspective thanks to a clear vision of his aims and ambitions. Privileging communication as a means to learn, HEME adapts to your specifics because each person, each company and each business sector is different. HEME will be the technical, material and organisational support that will allow you achieving your objectives in a life cycle perspective.
The conjunction of elements allows our world to work properly. In this frame, haem (or heme in American English), which is a chemical compound of haemoglobin consisting of several atoms of nitrogen and carbon, contributes to the transport of oxygen by blood. As a matter of fact, these atoms are an essential part of the oxygenation process of the body and though its proper functioning.
These postulates inspire HemE GmbH in bringing the services and tools necessary for the support to an optimal product management from its inception to the end of its usage. Situated at the centre of haem’s structure, the iron atom is the main component on which the oxygen will fix. Like this iron atom acting as a federator, HEME GmbH supports the product management process from its origin down to its end whilst ensuring an optimal operational result.